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The Marketing Genius of Fornite's Mysterious Black Hole Season Ending

Ray Ellen
Oct 15 3 minutes read

We 💜 the Marketing Genius of Fornite's Mysterious Black Hole Season Ending

We geek out on amazing marketing ideas, so when we saw Fortnite kill season 10 of their video game by sucking everything into a black hole, we had to talk about it because believe it or not, we use a very similar strategy to sell your house! If you have never heard of the video game, Fortnite or the taunting dances, check out the news story!

Well... not quite like this...

When Fortnite took down their servers to reboot the new season of their video game, they decided to compeltely kill the game for 2 days. And what better way than a surprise season ender with no real answers on what is coming next or when. As a matter of fact, they even embedded numerical codes with hidden meanings that read: 

"I was not alone."
"Others were outside the loop."
"This was not calculated."
"The nothing is now inevitable."

That left most players thinking... WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!!!

So what is this "Marketing Strategy?"

There is an old marketing adage that my dad shared with me many many years ago.

"You can't be curious & closed-minded at the same time."

And this is exactly the philosophy that we use to get more views on our listings. Many of you have seen our listing videos and our listings posts on facebook. Some may have noticed our "coming soon" ads. All are carefully crafted to tell some, but not all of the story of the home. Each additional piece of content we produce around the home tells more of the story and more of the information. The idea is to create a level of curiosity from the viewer that leads them to pursue additional info, view more photos, watch the listing video, inquire to see the home in person or stop by our open house.

Many agents who are checking out this blog post are waiting for that next sentence when I reveal exactly how we do this ... and well...  

Not everyone was a fan...


Yea, some players lost their cool when the game they loved and played constantly sucked itself into a vortex on Sunday's planned season-ending event. Some even wanted to give up while others had a blank stare. So, this method is definitely not for attracting everyone, but it is for most people. 

If you are thinking about selling your home and are looking for innovative marketing ideas, contact us.

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